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The Mission of the Veterinary Support Personnel Network is to support, inspire, and lead our profession in the advancement of veterinary medicine by providing a worldwide community for veterinary support staff complete with message boards, resources, continual education, and interactive sessions in an encouraging, collaborative and sharing environment.

Membership criteria: To join the VSPN community, you must be working under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian or enrolled in an AVMA or CAAHT aapproved veterinary technology program. Membership in VSPN is free.

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Rounds This Week in VSPN

Friday, September 19, 2014; 10pm ET (USA) in the VSPN Rounds Room
  Friday Coffeehouse Rounds: Join Elizabeth Warren for a nice, relaxing evening of open chat.

Sunday, September 21, 2014; 8pm ET in the VIN/VSPN Rounds Room
  VIN/VSPN Joint Rounds: Join Sandra Mitchell, DVM, DABVP, for Rodent Husbandry: Secrets to Creating Successful Environments.

Sunday, September 21, 2014; 10pm ET in the VSPN Rounds Room
  Sunday Rounds: You Are What You Tweet; Maintaining a Professional Online Persona Chris Upchurch will discuss social media and how it can affect your professional image.

Thursday, September 125, 2014; 10pm ET (USA) in the VSPN Meeting Room
  FVTA General Membership Meeting: Catch up with what is new with the Florida Veterinary Technician Association. All FVTA members are welcome to attend!

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Abstract of the Week
 Prevalence and clinical outcome of subclinical bacteriuria in female dogs.
Results suggested that subclinical bacteriuria is a nonprogressive condition in healthy female dogs and can be persistent or transient. No dogs with subclinical bacteriuria developed clinical signs requiring antimicrobial treatment during the 3-month observation period. Healthy female dogs with subclinical bacteriuria may be a population of dogs in which antimicrobial treatment is unnecessary.

Website of the Week
 Research Articles on Horses

Featured VSPN Notebook® Item of the Week
 Equine Anatomy

Book Reviews of the Week
 Focused Ultrasound Techniques for the Small Animal Practitioner VSPN Book Review by Oriana D. Scislowicz, BS, LVT
 An Illustrated Guide to Animal Science Terminology VSPN Book Review by Sharlene Halozan, RVT

Recent Handouts / Rounds Highlights
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 Equine Senses and Effect on Behavior
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VIN/VSPN Continual Education
Look no further for the best, most comprehensive CE courses taught by world-class instructors. Whether you're a veterinarian, veterinary assistant, veterinary technician, office manager, or practice owner, we have the CE you need. See our CE Catalog page for VIN CE and VSPN CE Catalogs!
 TECH241-1014: Urine Collection, Urinary Catheterization and Urinary Catheter Care
 STAF124-1014: Communication & Conflict Management Module 2: Conflict Management, Resolution, & Mentoring

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VSPN This Week

It was great to see so many technicians excited about veterinary medicine at IVECCS last weekend! The VSPN Get Together was well attended and everyone had a nice time. Charlotte said it was wonderful to meet so many VSPN members. We are looking forward to next year's conference in Washington, DC.

VSPN will be on the road again in October at the Wild West Veterinary Conference, October 8-12, 2014 in Reno, Nevada. Debbie Bess and Charlotte Waack will be manning the cybercafé and helping with the technician reception that is co-sponsored by VSPN, NAVTA and Hill's. Look for information on the VSPN Get Together in the featured message board posts next week.

For those who prefer a calendar view of our upcoming Rounds sessions, we have added a Google calendar to the Upcoming Rounds page. To access the calendar, click on Chat in the navigation bar of this page, then under Upcoming VSPN Rounds, click on the Calendar View and Future Rounds link.

Great Bay Community College Veterinary Technology Program in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Yosemite Pet Hospital in Simi Valley, California
Brooklyn Park Pet Hospital in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota


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