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The Mission of the Veterinary Support Personnel Network is to support, inspire, and lead our profession in the advancement of veterinary medicine by providing a worldwide community for veterinary support staff complete with message boards, resources, continual education, and interactive sessions in an encouraging, collaborative and sharing environment.

Membership criteria: To join the VSPN community, you must be working under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian or enrolled in an AVMA or CAAHT aapproved veterinary technology program. Membership in VSPN is free.

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Chats and Rounds this week in VSPN

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Friday, July 25, 2014; 10pm ET (USA) in the VSPN Chat Room
  Toxicology Rounds: Join Erin Freed for an open discussion of toxicology. Bring your cases and questions for Erin.

Thursday, July 31, 2014; 8pm ET (USA) in the VSPN Meeting Room
  FVTA (Florida) General Membership Meeting: All Florida members and students are welcome to join in this meeting.

Friday, August 1, 2014; 9pm ET in the VSPN Rounds Room
  Behavior Rounds: Equine Behavior: Join Sherrie Yuschak to discuss all things "horsey".

Friday, August 1, 2014; 10pm ET (USA) in the VSPN Rounds Room
  Open Coffeehouse Rounds: Unwind from the week with fellow VSPNers! Share how YOUR week went.

From Your Message Boards
 Multi-parameter monitor
 Moving to Tennessee
 WyVTA Fall CE event & annual meeting
 Feline Thundershirt
 Tooth bonding
 Venipuncture protocol for coagulation testing
 Receptionist wages
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 Bleach dilution longevity
 Sending home buprenorphine
 14 year old cat that startles easily
 Buprenorphine SR
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 Doppler readings
 Sacramento anesthesia machine maintenance companies
 Allergy injections
 Hand-held blood pressure monitor
 Cognitive dysfunction in cats
 Nail trims and rabies vaccine requirement
 Fluid therapy guidelines

From The VIN News Service

 Most veterinarians reduce prices so animals can get care, survey finds
     Message Board Discussion
 'Call to action' sounded in long battle over veterinary accreditation
     Message Board Discussion

Abstract of the Week
 An open, self-controlled study on the efficacy of topical indoxacarb for eliminating fleas and clinical signs of flea-allergy dermatitis in client-owned dogs in Queensland, Australia.
Complete resolution of clinical signs of FAD was observed in 21 cases (87.5%), with nearly complete resolution or marked improvement in the remaining three cases. Mean clinical scores were reduced by 93.3% at week 12. Mean owner-assessed pruritus scores were reduced by 88% by week 12. Mean flea counts reduced by 98.7 and 100% in weeks 8 and 12, respectively.

Website of the Week
 Entomology Image Gallery: Lice

Featured VSPN Notebook® Item of the Week
 Monitoring Parameters in Small Animal Nursing

Book Reviews of the Week
 Canine Reproduction: The Breeder's Guide, Third Edition VSPN Book Review by Sharlene Halozan, RVT
 Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation VSPN Book Review by Sharlene Halozan, RVT

Recent Handouts / Rounds Highlights
 Intravenous Lipid Use in Toxicities
 Employee Discipline
 VIN/VSPN Rounds: Ferrets 101: Basic Husbandry and Medical Procedures
 Brainstorming with Julie: Employee Recognition-How Creative Can You Be?

VSPN Library Highlights
Patient care is one of the reasons that many of us chose to go into the veterinary medical field. We have strong nurturing instinct and love working with animals. For insight to good patient care, visit the VSPN Library. Here are just a few offerings that can help:
 Open Hospital Policy
 Using the Nursing Process and Protocols to Improve Efficiency, Job Satisfaction and Patient Care
 Let's Talk about Pain!

VIN/VSPN Continual Education
Look no further for the best, most comprehensive CE courses taught by world-class instructors. Whether you're a veterinarian, veterinary assistant, veterinary technician, office manager, or practice owner, we have the CE you need. See our CE Catalog page for VIN CE and VSPN CE Catalogs!
 TECH191-0814: Equine Diseases Overview
 TECH167-0914: Basic Reptile Nursing Care

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VSPN This Week

The AVMA Convention is going on in Denver this weekend. You can follow the AVMA on Twitter @AVMAmeets for updates throughout the convention. If you are attending AVMA, check out sessions presented by VSPN Moderators David Liss, BA, RVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM), CVPM and Oreta Samples, CVT, MPH, PhD!

The Texas Animal Health Commission has confirmed additional vesicular stomatitis cases. Read more at about this contagious viral disease.

You may have noticed a new window on the message board landing page. New to VSPN is a feature called My Recent which is a portal to see the message board threads you have recently viewed, started, commented on, added to My Discussions or threads you subscribe to. The VIN Dev team released this new portal this week. You can read more about it on this Help Page.

From the VIN Support: For those of you who hate Windows 8, this will make it look like the Windows you remember...Classic Shell!

Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center in Levittown, Pennsylvania


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