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The Mission of the Veterinary Support Personnel Network is to support, inspire, and lead our profession in the advancement of veterinary medicine by providing a worldwide community for veterinary support staff complete with message boards, resources, continual education, and interactive sessions in an encouraging, collaborative and sharing environment.

Membership criteria: To join the VSPN community, you must be working under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian or enrolled in an AVMA or CAAHT approved veterinary technology program. Membership in VSPN is free.

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Rounds This Week in VSPN

Friday, February 27, 2015; 9:00 pm ET (USA) in the VSPN Rounds Room
  Friday Coffeehouse Rounds: Be sure to join Erin Freed and Jennifer McGregor for this open forum about toxicology. You will not want to miss it.

Sunday, March 1, 2015; 9:00 pm ET (USA) in the VIN/VSPN Rounds Room
  VIN/VSPN Joint Rounds - Vetting the Conflict: Diagnosing Disagreements and Resolving for the Best Outcome for Veterinary Professionals and their Clients with Debra A. Vey Voda-Hamilton, Esq.

Sunday, March 1, 2015; 8:00 pm Mountain Time (USA) in the VSPN Meeting Room
  WyVTA Membership Meeting: All members of the Wyoming Veterinary Technician Association are invited to attend this meeting and support your state association.

Thursday, March 4, 2015; 9:00 pm ET (USA) in the VSPN Rounds Room
  Student Rounds: Breaking Into Emergency Medicine. Are you interested in pursuing emergency medicine? If so, then you will definitely want to join Dave Cowan for an hour of discussion on how to proceed!

Friday, March 6, 2015; 9:00 pm ET (USA) in the VSPN Rounds Room
  Friday Coffeehouse Rounds: Emergency Medicine. In case you miss Dave's discussion on Wednesday, Kelly Foltz will be available to answer any questions you may have about emergency medicine.

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From Your Message Boards
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 Is it worth it to stay?
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 Local CE for area technicians
 Handling and restraint of injured patients

From The VIN News Service
 Reports of jerky pet treat illness ebb in U.S.
     Message Board Discussion

Abstract of the Week
 Vaginal impedometry for detection of optimal breeding time in bitches.
Results suggested that daily use of vaginal impedometry in bitches was unreliable as a method for monitoring periovulatory events. All techniques evaluated (ie vaginal impedometry, serum progesterone concentration assays, vaginoscopy, and vaginal cytologic evaluation) frequently produced inaccurate results when used individually. Multiple methods should be used to identify optimal breeding time in dogs.

Website of the Week
 Drug Interaction Checker

Featured VSPN NotebookŪ Item of the Week
 Oral Examination & Charting of the Veterinary Dental Patient

Book Reviews of the Week
 Otitis Externa: An Essential Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment VSPN Book Review by Lynda Paul, LVT, VTS (CP- Canine/Feline)
 Small Animal Pathology for Veterinary Technicians VSPN Book Review by Elizabeth Warren, RVT

Recent Handouts / Rounds Highlights
 Sunday Rounds: How VSPN CE Works
 Friday Coffeehouse Rounds: Bring Your Pet To VSPN!

VIN/VSPN Continual Education
Look no further for the best, most comprehensive CE courses taught by world-class instructors. Whether you're a veterinarian, veterinary assistant, veterinary technician, office manager, or practice owner, we have the CE you need. See our CE Catalog page for VIN CE and VSPN CE Catalogs!
 STAF171-0415: Pricing Shouldn't Be Painful
 TECH120-0415: Summer VTNE Preparation Class

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VINx News
Make it easy for prospective clients to find great reviews right on your website, instead of waiting until they stumble across them. VetReviews - a VetTools app from VINx - can be integrated into your website regardless of which practice management software you use. Click here to view an example of the new VetReviews app page on a demo website.

Sharing your hard earned client feedback on your website allows potential clients to get an idea of the type of relationships you have with your clients and patients. The reviews can be easily added to your website with the click of a button, increasing the value of your website and strengthening your practice relationships.

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center has a free mobile app that provides a wealth of knowledge in the palm of your hand. With quick access to potentially life-saving information and our hotline 24/7/365, the ASPCA APCC app helps keep your pet safe year-round. Download the app on the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center website.

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